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CityU sees research as one of the key elements in its strategy to become a leading university in the region. The University concentrates its resources to achieve excellence in selected areas of research, and focuses on applied research with direct local and regional relevance.

Promoting Research Excellence

In pursuant of the policy of funding selectivity, the University supported the establishment of Research Institute / Centres to provide the focus for interdisciplinary research in selected areas with the capacity and potential for international competitiveness.

The University obtained approval from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China to establish two State Key Laboratories at CityU. The State Key Laboratory of Terahertz and Millimeter Waves is the first such laboratory in the engineering discipline in Hong Kong and will collaborate with the State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves at the Southeast University to focus on research in the principal theories and applications of millimeter waves. In collaboration with researchers from several local universities and also the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science at the Xiamen University. The State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution will respond to China’s pressing and important needs in protecting its marine environment and biological resources, as well as ecological safety, and will help address complex environmental issues.

Applied Research

The University places heavy emphasis on applied research, and uses the results of such work to directly benefit Hong Kong and beyond. Transferring applied research outcomes to industry is pursued through the Applied Strategic Development Centres which foster university-industry partnership, facilitate technology transfer and promote commercialization of results of applied R&D. Applied R & D Centres across the border in Shenzhen have also been set up to focus on mid-stream, market–driven research with direct applications to industry, commerce and the community.

Related Offices

The Research Grants & Contracts Office provides services for the administration of research activities and supports the formulation of research policies and strategic planning. It is responsible for research grants and contracts administration, and maintenance of two online systems for project management and output reporting.

The Knowledge Transfer Office is responsible for commercial exploitation of technology through licensing and business incubation; provision of consultancy and professional services; protection and management of intellectual property and administration of research projects and research centres in Shenzhen.

To facilitate research management and knowledge transfer, the following systems have been developed: