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University Floral Emblem

In November 2016, the Brazil bougainvillea was selected as the official flower of the University. This flower is tough, highly resilient, and blossoms throughout the year – signifying CityU’s success.

Brazil bougainvillea has a vibrant colour and enjoys great popularity at CityU and around the world. Its character is highly adaptive to challenging environments and has multiple blossom periods during the year.

The official flower was recommended by a panel consisted of representatives from staff, students, alumni; and internal and external advisers, with reference to the result of a campus-wide “LIKE” taken place in the summer of 2016.

CityU has a unique garden-like campus that integrates harmoniously with the modern artistic architecture of our dynamic University. Over 60 different kinds of colourful shrubs grow in our gardens, each with its own individual scent and each in tune with its own season.

Be it summer or winter, spring or autumn, life is everywhere among the CityU flora, offering source of enjoyment & inspiration for our creativity.